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Carbohydrate Poisoning

by admin on July 30, 2012

Follow-up on another patient I’ve been helping for about 9 months.

Patient, 67 y/o male, came to me with diabetes (type 2), high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction.  Classic picture of modern metabolic dysfunction – this gentleman was suffering from what can be best described as carbohydrate poisoning.

We reduce his carbohydrate intake, significantly increased fish oil, re-balanced his intestinal bacteria and continued his ongoing exercise regimen.

in 9 months, weight dropped from 248 to 212.  Blood pressure decreased from 142/70 to 112/82 even after discontinuation of 2 anti-hypertensive medications.

Blood sugar is now normal with the discontinuation of 2 other diabetes medications.  Erectile dysfunction is no longer a problem.

Forget all the fresh fruit and whole grain nonsense. Eating that way doesn’t substantially help; getting rid of carbohydrates does.

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