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Reversing Disease, The Impossible is Now a Reality.

Modern medicine has an amazing list of success stories, but successful treatments for the chronic and degenerative diseases that plague our present society are not among them.   The focus is often on simply masking the symptoms or altering a number such as blood pressure or blood sugar instead of trying to halt and reverse the disease process itself.  Reliance on conventional drugs and surgery do little to address the causes of most chronic conditions.

Many of the chronic health conditions affecting us today were relatively uncommon a hundred years ago.  People didn’t develop obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer’s or heart disease.   These are modern diseases with a modern cause known as metabolic inflammation.

Metabolic inflammation is the consequence of the society and culture we live in.  The food we now eat is highly processed, genetically modified and filled with so many potential toxic additives that it doesn’t resemble the foods we’ve eaten over centuries.

In addition to the limited amount of fish in our diet, our inactive lifestyle, inadequate sleep, repeated exposure to antibiotics and stressful culture have a cumulative damaging effect on our autonomic nervous system (ANS).

The ANS is the master controlling mechanism of our metabolism, immune system, hormone production and emotions.  When the ANS isn’t function properly, our body’s entire physiology begins to act erratically and that’s when symptoms of many of the chronic illness begin to appear.

There is a growing amount of scientific evidence telling us that one of the earliest triggers of chronic disease is dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system.  A decrease in parasympathetic (the ANS is composed of the parasympathetic and sympathetic branches) functioning is the first step in the development of such common diseases as diabetes, high blood pressure, fatty liver disease and heart disease.

Detecting and reversing parasympathetic dysfunction is paramount to restoring your physiology and reversing the underlying process that fuels these common disorders.  Anything short of this, treatment with modern medications will fall short of truly reversing these disorders and renewing a person’s health.

Our modern lifestyle additionally causes an imbalance of intestinal bacteria leading to a condition known as Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth or SIBO.  SIBO is rapidly being recognized as a major driving force for many illnesses such as headaches, chronic fatigue, eczema, autism, heartburn, constipation as well as diabetes and high blood pressure.

And finally, our brain’a ability to correctly control our hunger level has been damaged leading to a state known as overnutrition.  Our hunger level is abnormally high because of damage to our nervous system, brain and our altered intestinal bacteria.  Add to this that we choose to eat foods that are ladened with high levels of  fat and sugar which only serve to hasten the metabolic damaging being contributed by overnutrition.

Other ailments such as tobacco use, chronic viral infections, chronic alcohol use, autoimmune disorders, genetic mutations and periodontal disease are all significant contributors of metabolic inflammation and modern diseases.

Dr. N Discusses Metabolic Inflammation

My approach to reverse many chronic illnesses is based on 4 steps, Repair, Reverse, Restore, and Maintain.  I repair autonomic functioning, reverse intestinal bacterial imbalance, restore metabolism with changes in nutrition and lifestyle, then teach my patients how maintain their renewed health without resorting to medications.

This is not simply a way to alleviate symptoms, but an top-down approach that understands the way the body is supposed to function and restores the body to equilibrium, thereby ending symptoms, reversing illnesses and optimizing health.

Building on my 25 years of research involving the neurological and hormonal complications of HIV Disease, my approach allows people come to be made whole again – where they find the support their bodies need to eliminate inflammation, strengthen their neurological system and immune system, all cornerstones to maximizing healing and maintaining health.

A core element to recovery is the recent discovery that your body is able to repair itself through the production of stem cells.  Stem cells are referred to progenitor cells which essentially means they can turn themselves into any specialized cell the body needs to function.

Reduction in metabolic inflammation has been shown to increase the production of stem cells and stem cells are now know to be produced in the brain and nervous system, heart, lung, liver, pancreas and kidney, even into advanced age.

Reduction in metabolic inflammation results in the increase of stem cell production which results in tissue and organ repair with renewed function and health.

This approach isn’t just for those battling a chronic illness or persistent symptoms. Many of these same principles are extremely beneficial for prevention and aging as well. The basic fundamentals of my approach can help you ward off a host of medical conditions, and ensure you enjoy all of your golden years to their fullest.

For over 25 years, I have been willing to adopt and adapt any treatment approach that offers a chance to improve the health and well-being of my patients. As such, I am proud to say I have developed a unique treatment approach that improves the health of many after they had been told there were no options available.

I am fortunate my education and experience allows me to significantly impact peoples’ lives.

I invite you to explore this website further to learn if I can help you, too.