Teresa –  Severe Concussion Injury

I suffered from a very serious concussion that caused extreme post concussion syndrome. I have had the concussion since August 15, 2014. I live in KC and I have a sports concussion specialist here in KC that put me in Vestibular Therapy.

I couldn’t ride in a car, any movement made me nauseous. I never seemed to get better. I suffered from horrible headaches every single day. I couldn’t decipher between more than one noise at a time without feeling sick and head pain. I felt like I was on a roller coaster all the time and always feeling sick to my stomach. When I did get a headache or my brain was over stimulated, it took days, even weeks for the pain to stop.

There was NOTHING I could take for the pain either. There wasn’t a medication that would make the pain stop. I felt like I was in a complete fog. I didn’t remember huge portions of my life. It was like I never lived them. I felt like I had aged to a 100 year old person. It was a very dark place to be and an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness, and of course causing depression.

Dr. Nemechek started treating me and I am finally starting to feel normal again. I am so appreciative of his help. I fly to Arizona from KC for treatment and it has been my saving grace. His treatment has been the only treatment that has actually made me start to feel like myself again.

I now have a clear head, I’m full of energy like I used to be. I can now remember a lot of the blank spaces. My headaches are to a rarity. I can fly on a plane again, have a long day at work without needing a week of recovery. I can look at patterns again without feeling like I’m going to get sick! I finally have some hope to the healing of this head injury. If you are suffering and don’t know where to turn, this man can help you.

All the other doctors I went to could not offer any solutions or treatments to help my brain heal. I am so thankful for Dr. Nemechek.

From a Patient with Metastatic Cancer

This post is to share hope and healing for those fighting and living with cancer.  My name is Debbie (58 yrs old). I have been a patient of Dr. Nemechek for the past two years.  Here is a brief background of what brought me to seek treatment with Dr. Nemechek.  In  May 2009, I was diagnostic with estrogen positive stage 2B evasive ductal carcinoma Breast Cancer. After a mastectomy and lymph node dissection, I completed 8 rounds of chemotherapy and 6 weeks of radiation.

I then continued on a daily pill of an estrogen blockers. In June 2012, a follow-up blood test showed high tumor marker levels. After a PET scan and bone biopsy, it was confirmed the breast cancer had come back in my bones. Changes were made to my estrogen blockers and over the next 2 year period, I began to  gain weight (145 to 185) and joint swelling. I also had only 9 month periods where the cancer was quiet as follow-up scans were showing new spots in my bones. I had to start daily oral chemo to try to control the cancer.

This led to a state of fear, depression and hopelessness.  I good friend of mine recommended seeing Dr Nemechek for his work with Metastatic Cancer patients.  The treatment I have received from Dr. Nemechek has been life changing.  Why? I have lost over 40 lbs, all my joint swelling and pain gone. And most importantly I have hope as the cancer had been in control for over 18 months.

I am in the best shape since my 30’s. I am right now training to do another sprint triathlon.  I would not be here living and loving life if I had not sought out Dr. Nemechek’s treatment. I just wish I found him earlier.  Though I am now living with cancer, with the help of Dr. Nemechek’s treatment I am living life to the fullest and fighting to be here for the cure ……

From a Mom with Autistic Triplets

Hi Dr. Nemechek how are you? I would like to share and thank you in the same time for letting me know about the great benefits of Inulin in Fiber choice.

Let me tell you what is happening in less then 1 week since my triplets are taking 4 gummies a day of Fiber choise. The boys are having an explosion in speech and talking in sentences.

They are 6 years old with Autistic symptoms like odd noises, visual stimming with certain things and Apraxia the speech very hard to understand and they were completely non verbal till the age 4 1 / 2 and after 1 year on another diet protocol they started talking but it was still very hard to understand and short sentences.

Now after 1 week on Fiber choice Omg they are talking in sentences and way more cleared even friends noticed. I noticed that the autistic behaviors like odd noises or stimming is,less too.

I’m very happy so far. It is amazing and thank you so much for the information.

From a Mom with A Child with ADHD

I brought my 7-year-old son to see Dr. Nemechek a little over a year ago because of countless strep infections, poor appetite, eczema and difficulty focusing on work at school. He seemed to exhibit all of the classic signs of ADHD and during a parent/teacher conference, his teacher told me that she thought he needed medication for his attention difficulties. I wanted to get to the root problem of my sons issues. I didn’t want to just put him on medication and expect that to solve these issues. Within 3 weeks of following Dr. Nemechek’s “recipe” my husband and I saw results in my son. His teachers started commenting on how much better he was doing in class and they even asked me if I had started him on medication. I purposely did not tell them what my course of action was with him because I wanted to see if they would really notice and they did. He has not had a single strep infection since we started seeing Dr. Nemechek, he no longer has stomach pains and he is no longer such a picky eater.

I believe with all of my heart that Dr. Nemechek has been one of the greatest blessings that our family has encountered. I have three sons and at the time that I brought my oldest son to see Dr. Nemechek, my middle son was almost 3 years old and was severely speech delayed (he only had 7 words in his vocabulary). I started using the same “recipe” and started to see amazing results in him also. With Dr. Nemechek’s help and the help of his speech therapist he will finish therapy faster than any other client that his therapist has ever treated in her 13 years of practice.

Our family follows Dr. Nemechek’s advice because we have seen it work. I am a huge believer in his plan and I tell everyone about him that I can because I want to see people receive the same kind of help that our family has received. I want other parents to know that there are alternatives and options when it comes to helping your child. I promise you Dr. Nemechek will help you find resolution for those issues!! Our kids deserve every chance they can get for success and it’s so comforting to have found a doctor that has the knowledge and desires to truly help them.

Mother with Autistic Child

Hi Dr. Nemechek, the SIBO protocol you posted for autistic kids was really the best Christmas present ever. My oldest son has autism and PANDAS. People told me once his lyme disease went into remission the autism would be gone.

He tested negative for lyme recently, but still has autism. After reading your article I decided to research SIBO and he has so many of the symptoms. I started your protocol. My son is calmer, more sociable with other kids lately, less agitated, and he recently got ahold of alot of sugar at holiday parties.

This is the first time he’s gotten sugared up and not started acting drunken like or gotten bad PANDAS attacks and threatened to harm others or himself. He’s having a bit of a sore throat, but he’s pretty calm.

I am stunned, and I think as time goes on and we continue this and hopefully get there to have him see you, we will stop seeing anymore autistic traits. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My son used to throw up randomnly all the time and have stomach aches.

He’s not having that anymore and we are thrilled.

A 23 Year Old Severely Autistic Woman With Seizures –

I just wanted to thank you guys for helping my daughter Monique with her seizures and tell people what you did.

She developed severe autism and got seizures since she was 10 months now she is 23 years old.  She was normal until she was 10 months when she got a vaccine.  She had one or two Grand Mal seizures and drop attacks a day from when she was 5 to when she was 22 and we came to see Dr. Nemechek.

She could not read or write.  We saw Dr. Nemechek in April of 2015 and she was on three different seizure meds and she did not talk or make eye contact.  We could not leave her alone in a room the seizures were so bad.

Dr. Nemechek said bad intestinal bacteria and inflammation could give her severe autism problems and make her have seizures.  So we treated her stomach with medicine and put her on some omegas to help her brain.

In July 2015 her seizures were down from 1 to 3 a day to 2 or 3 a WEEK.  She started making eye contact and slept more in the night.

In February 2016 she could put 2 to 4 words together and she listened more.  She wrote her name for the first time in Dr. Nemechek’s office.  She wrote the letter our last name starts with too.

In May 2016 she is talking for the first time.  She asks for things and her words are clearer.  She knows what is going on more and more.

Thanks to you guys Monique has less seizures and is taking way less medication that made her look like a walking zombie. When Monique started going with you guys she was on 3 different medications for seizures and now she is down to one.

Monique has a lot less seizures and is not sleepy. Monique is alert and talking more. My family members have seen the difference in Monique they are amazed. My sister referred me to you guys and I have done the same. I want everyone to get the help Monique got. I wish I had known about you guys before.

Dr. Bill –

Similar to Albert Einstein’s effort to look at everyone else’s research and conceive  the now famous “theory of relativity,” Dr. Patrick Nemechek is a visionary who studied everyone’s research, synthesized it and came up with a fresh view for enhancing a person’s health by resolving silent inflammation.

Silent inflammation is an underlying cause of many brain and heart issues as well as a significant factor in one’s quality of life. It’s likely a factor in ADHD, tobacco addiction, and likely a major factor in certain cancers.

Most significantly Dr. Nemechek has evolved a treatment plan that he prescribes once he has done a special analysis of how the autonomic nervous system and cardiovascular system work together. In many issues the treatment is directed toward allowing more oxygen to the brain so it can function as intended.

With less than desired oxygen, many common symptoms occur including headaches, focus issues, memory issues, etc.

Dr. Nemechek has a comprehensive plan for those of us who have experienced cancer, and believes, based on modern research, that cancer cells not only can be blocked in terms of growth, but late stage tumors can regress under the proper treatment protocol.

His methods, nutritional in nature, do not include chemotherapy, radiation or surgery but can be an adjunct to those efforts.

I am sharing this with you because I feel like getting to know him and his approach. I have made an incredible discovery here like I’ve stumbled upon  a great treasure.

Patient with Chronic Abdominal Pain

After years of abdominal and stomach discomfort, and some scary attacks, Dr. Nemechek has helped my husband to completely recover and feel great again.

Bob has suffered from digestive issues, heartburn, and mild gut pain off and on for most of his adult life, but it was not debilitating. Six years ago, he developed a stabbing pain in his lower right side, which sent him to his doctor. After several tests & a colonoscopy, the doctor sent Bob away with a prescription for a stomach acid reducer (which actually may have made the real problem worse), a diagnosis of GERD, and no idea what was causing the side pain.

The side pain eased, coming back occasionally, and Bob continued to suffer from painful heartburn, frequent urination, and sporadic constipation or diarrhea, but felt he had no choice but to live with it. Changing his diet to Paleo helped some but did not cure his problems entirely.

While on a road trip last August, Bob had a 3 day attack of severe side pain, fever, exhaustion, and swollen gut that gave us quite a scare. We attributed it to food poisoning, but it occurred again a few weeks later. And then 2 more times.

I had seen Dr. Nemechek’s articles on Facebook, and after reading some of them together, we decided to give him a try. Dr. Nemechek and his wife Jean are so nice, and make visits easy and comfortable. We came for our first appointment in early November of 2015, then twice more, and now in March of 2016, Bob is completely recovered and feels no side pain, no inflammation, no bathroom issues, and has more energy than he’s had in years.

Dr. Nemechek’s prescriptive combination of autonomic testing, short term medication, followed by high quantities of omega-3 DHA, and olive oil helped greatly. Especially healing are the electronic TENS sessions (which he does at home 2 hours daily, and have made an unbelievable and painless change in moving his digestive system along happily).

Today, Bob looks and feels great! Thank you, Doctor, for your excellent care, and for making my husband feel like himself again!


In February 2013 I was hospitalized with pneumonia.  After coming home I developed hiccups.  I was hiccupping every 3 seconds, 24/7.  I had gone multiple times to my internal medicine doctor and all he wanted to do was put me on heavy doses of narcotics, so much so that I was in a stupor a great deal of the time.  Each time I tried to discuss it with that doctor it was like talking to a deer in the headlights.  He had no answers and it didn’t seem like he really cared.  I saw several different physicians trying to get help but nothing really helped.
I was seeing an osteopathic manipulation specialist at a prestigious University and a pain specialist.  Their treatments would sometimes get the hiccups to slow down or stop for a few days but they would always come back.  It was killing me.
Then I heard of Dr. Nemechek’s work in Verrado.  He was a God send.  He began treating things no one else had recognized or would even treat.  He used methods no one else had attempted.
Slowly but surely after 2 1/2 years of almost constant hiccups, his treatments began to help.  I had begun seeing Dr. Nemechek in January 2015 and by mid summer the hiccups had begun to subside.  By August 2015 they were totally gone and have not returned.
I will be eternally grateful to him for giving me my life back.

Dennis, (Vagal Nerve Stimulation Patient)

Dr. Nemechek in Phoenix Arizona has been treating me for the Nervous system disorder for 10-12 weeks now.  I live in the midwest but fly to see him.  I have seen a large improvement in my overall health.

I have COPD and my breathing has improved tremendously. My mood has improved to the point I think I really like myself!

He has an electric shock devise that is calibrated and it sends electronic pulses to the brain to increase the blood flow to you which checks the rest of your organs. If something is let’s say your heart it works on correcting it, or makes you aware there is a problem.

First I thought this was a little crazy but the more I wear the devise the more alert I am. Google Dr. Patrick M. Nemechek Buckeye Arizona.

He has patients from all over including me!!!!! This is a wonderful place. Arthritis , Heart, Lungs, AIDS, Etc, It really helps. It does not hurt when you think this is the end.

I owe my life to Dr. Nemechek and this staff.

Sincerely,   D.D.


Major Heart Failure Recovery
I was very fortunate to have found such a great doctor.  You gave me your full attention and sincerely listened as I went over my symptoms.  I like that you are honest and truthful with your patients, you don’t beat around the bush.  You told me in layman’s terms I had an enlarged heart and congestive heart failure.
When I came to you I was working and sometimes I would have to hold on to something for a few minutes so that I could finish what I was doing, and that has gotten a lot better.  Instead of just treating the symptoms and putting a bandaid on them, you endeavor to find the cause.  I was on 5 heart medicines and you have me down to just 1.  I have had major heart failure recovery and now a normal heart rate variability and CAN.
Not only treating my heart problems but you have been so helpful in so many way, including brightening my mood.  I would recommend you to anyone who needs a great doctor.  I sincerely thank you for all you have down for me.


Here is my testimonial.  I hope it is helpful as I truly appreciate Dr. Nemechek and the hope he has brought to my life.
I had seen several specialists over the years for various health issues such as acid reflux, rosacea, asthma and a general sense of tiredness and weakness.  I was given various medications to take for the rest of my life and assurances that I was “fine.”  When I began to experience more severe symptoms such as fainting and dizziness I was flatly told there was nothing that could be done to fix this other than take yet another medication which would only help for 3-4 hours at a time.  I began to wonder if I could keep my job or any sort of meaningful employment as I could not guarantee that I could function well enough to work on any given day.
Out of sheer desperation, I flew to Arizona to see Dr. Nemechek.  I quickly realized he was different than any other doctor I had ever been to.  He asked question about my whole health history and background and listened closely for nearly 2 hours in our first appointment.  He was not interested in medicating symptoms but rather in discovering the underlying causes of my overall poor health and fixing the root causes.  He explained the recent medical research behind his diagnosis and treatment plan and helped me see how all the pieces of my health fit together.  I walked out of the office filled with a sense of hope.
I began to see results within days and further improvement over the months that have followed.  I am based in Thailand and Dr. Nemechek has continued to treat me via Skype appointments as necessary and made himself available to answer any questions I may have along the way even though I live half the world away.   I wasn’t sure if it would be worth it to travel to see him the first time but looking back now I am so thankful I decided to see Dr. Nemechek.  It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

A Patient with Depression and PTSD for 60 years –

In October 2007 my wife and I moved from Tucson to Verrado and for a couple of years I searched for a physician that I could connect.

I begin attending Dr. Nemecheks lectures at Ciao Grazie Pizzeria. I liked his philosophy on medicine and nutrition so I made an appointment to see him and the rest is history.

Thank you, Dr. Nemechek for your diagnosis and treatment that has reduced my PTSD caused nightmares of 60 years to almost nonexistent and improving my sleep that had been interrupted every hour to urinate.

You have made my life style of 81 years exceptional.

An Autistic Child’s Mother –

Well not really sure where to begin. So I’ll start with a little back history before sharing where we are at presently.  My daughter, we’ll call her AJ, has had one heck of a beginning.
She’s been a fighter since conception. While AJ being in utero I was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum, in fear of loosing her, pumping me full of medication was our only option, no seriously literally hooked up to a medicine pump! By Gods Grace I delivered a beautiful baby girl, full term might I add. During her newborn evaluation, it was discovered she has a cleft palate. My reaction, mind you I’m in hormonal overload state, feeling an over sense of JOY! I vaguely remember saying, “really, is she ok? ok we’ll figure it out.”
Well that sense of confidence soon started to fade, AJ struggled with breast feeding, finally having to resort to pumping, no big deal…right, challenges shmallenges!!! Many more challenges to come. She had to stay in an up right position at all times due to nasal regurgitation, always keeping that blue nose suction by her side was of course mandatory. AJ’s first of MANY ear infections was at one month of age, which in turn came with her first of MANY doses of antibiotics.  Now when I say many, I’m speaking lightly.
For the readers sake let me give a brief run down of AJ’s major obstacles she’s endured. First surgery was at 5 months old, Eustachian tube placement. At six months old went into anaphylaxis, due to formula substitution. Testing revealed she’s anaphylactic to dairy, eggs, peanuts, and tree nuts (not ever being introduced to them other than formula once). At ten months old AJ had her cleft repaired.
Around 18 months old, to was brought to our attention she needed just a little more help towards her developmental delays. She started speech/feeding therapy and occupational therapy right away. She suffered from severe eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis, biopsy revealed she’s allergic to something in her environment but what exactly??? no answers other than daily antihistamines and sedative for bedtime. In the more recent years she was diagnosed with eosinophilic esophagitis, she’s endured many EGD’s. As time went by, she made some progress unfortunately still significantly delayed.
In 2013 AJ was diagnosed with Autism, let me say my husband and I took the rest of that day to grieve, reflect, whatever we needed to do to wake up the following morning with nothing but optimism. We’ve learned so much as time went by…still learning of course!! Within a 2 month of diagnoses she started ABA therapy (applied behavioral analyst). As months went by she has made progress, still having what I like to call “checked out look” (that look where she looks past or thru you never making eye contact), she’s frustrated and struggling to concentrate…I could go on for days, I’ll stop, but that’s ok she’s making progress YAY! Finally…drum roll please, day potty trained at 5 years old, wohoo!!
Let’s fast forward some more to last summer. I personally had to go to my local urgent care. That’s the day things changed, eye opening! I met Dr. Patrick Nemechek. I swear we talked for quite some time, brilliant man, it was divine intervention. I remember my last words that like it was yesterday, “I’m making my daughter an appointment ASAP!” Well we did….and let me tell you, WORTH it and so much more.
We got to meet Mrs. Nemechek, Jean is such a fabulous lady.  Dr. N explained the over use of antibiotics, overgrowth of clostridium and what it does to our brain and body, among many other physical, emotional traumas. After a very in depth look at AJ’s history, he immediately put her on a prebiotic regimen. As time went by, we noticed some improvement. About two months in to this treatment….it happened, it stopped my husband and I dead in our tracks, AJ, I quote, said,”Come on baby sister let play.” Umm, yeah tear.
She has never said more than a 2-3 word sentence without being prompted.  And then something terrible happened, another ear infection, of course never ending battle. No option but antibiotic treatment, immediately noticed regression on so many levels, not just by us but by her teacher as well showing dated regression.
I called Dr. N, right away, we talked it over, I just remember feeling she’s gone again! He upped her dose and added another probiotic. Within days her smile came back and she wasn’t looking thru us like a zombie, sad I use zombie as a description but not sure how else to explain it by using one word, ha! She has over come any obstacle or challenge thrown her way, strives in therapy, she continues to progress, she loves kindergarten, she loves her friends, she preformed in her first Christmas concert without problems, she is such a happy little girl!
April Update: regarding AJ’s Eosinophilic Esophagitis, she is now in histolagical remission!!! She continues to thrive in school and at home, being silly and loving! I have faith in knowing we are definitely going down the right path for her. Thank you again Dr. Nemechek and Jean!!!  We consider the Nemecheks family, and thank Dr. Nemechek and Jean everyday for doing what they do, they both really CARE…they are blessings to AJ and us!!

Amanda –

I found Dr. “Buckeye” on Facebook. After reading one article on “Broken Mommy symptoms” I knew IMMEDIATELY I was “Broken.” I scheduled an appointment for the next possible opening.

I’ll be 34 this year and starting at 30 I began experiencing migraine headaches. My headache days were 25-28 days a month. That’s not quality of life, for anyone. That wasn’t my only issue. Throughout life I had suffered major traumatic experiences, RLS, and most recently shingles.

I had no idea those affect your brain just the same as a “concussion.”

Through a few simple tests Dr. Nemecheck was able to look at me and assure me I wasn’t CRAZY, I was broken. Good news was I was fixable. I began simple treatments that started in motion what “normal” should be. My migraines started to lessen. My brain wasn’t so foggy and my RLS began subsiding.

Before I knew it was few to no headaches and functioning the way a healthy 33 year old mom should. Dr. Nemecheck has my shingles under control and if you’ve never had shingles, trust me you never want them!

Thanks to Jean and Dr. “Buckeye” I have answers for things I’ve wondered and lived with my whole life. Never knowing I didn’t have to live like that.

Spare yourself the agony of things you have just “accepted” and go see him. You’ll never be the same, literally.


Richard – 

I, Richard, am 78 years young.

Had a heart bypass 2004 no meds after that.  Then 2012 stent one bypass failure, then the meds started.  Started downhill from there on.

Just by chance in Arizona, very sick, met Dr.Nemechek.  Never met a doctor that listened so intently to make me feel better, like family.  When I came back each winter, I was feeling a bit better.

Then in 2015 called his lovely wife with massive neck, shoulder, and arm muscle pain.  They made room for me and started fixing my inflammation and started vagal nerve stimulation.  After first visit started feeling better.

Four weeks and most of the pain gone.  2 months and pain gone except some joint pain which is getting better too.  Stopped taking alls meds and feeling quite well.

I will always be under Dr. Nemechek’s care.

Debbie –

“After suffering what doctor’s had thought was heart attack, I saw an article on Facebook posted by a psychologist friend of mine.

I contacted him about my possible Takutsubo event  (broken heart syndrome caused by excessive grief or traumatic event) and he explained it was like an emotional concussion.  I was pleased to find he was in Arizona, and immediately contacted him for an appointment and have been his patient for nearly a year.

He is the only doctor who has been familiar with what I have experienced.  Through treatment of my sympathetic and parasympathetic systems and changing my perspective, I have made a full recovery and am so much better for it!

I am so thankful to have met Dr. Nemechek and his wife, Jean!”

Lydia –

Ok, here is my story, I had cancer in my early 20’s, had 6 major surgeries in 18 mos., it was awful and I was used as a guinea pig. I have tried since then to do many things natural however my health was. Terrible, at 40 I

 Was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, and began a nightmare of pain, toxic medicine and basically addicted to so many meds I could barely function when I found Dr. Nemechek I was a shocked new widow and thought I would go and seen, but really I was ready to commit suicide, ONE visit and I believed that I was here to find him.
I have been a patient now since November. My life is 100% better and I no longer have RA, total remission!!
Off of over 13 medications, they have changed my life, quite frankly saved me.

Misty –

Dr Nemecheck,

Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for all the great info on your website.  It helped me a lot.  Your the best! Read several websites but yours was most helpful!

God Bless!

Karen –

thanks to diet i am now normal size from waist up still have waist down.  have pain free sleep i have not had in many years and i am grateful.

i am being liberated from obesity and in part from stroke damage to where i can be free of pain that has kept me obese and silent out of fear and being told not to speak about it

i am no longer silent or fearful

i am becoming karen again.

Ziggy –

About 4 years ago I met Dr. Pat when I had to take my wife to urgent care.

My wife was talking to the Dr. telling him that her husband (me) had diabetes Type 2, and COPD and was on 9 medications. Dr. Pat talked to me for a half an hour that day and told me he could help me.

Well in one year I lost 55 pounds by cutting my carb intake, started walking and exercising.

The best result was that I am not on any prescription medications and feel great.

I will be 70 next April 2016 and feel better today than I did when I was 55.



I am very fortunate to say is my doctor, he has not only saved my life but is the most caring doctor who really listens to you.

A visit with Dr. Nemechek is like it used to be years ago when you had a doctor who was willing to take the time to know you as a human being first , listen to you and not only prescribe for you but be empathic while doing so.

All I can say is I am lucky to have him as my doctor.

Ken –

It is not every day that an 80-year-old gets a new lease on life.

For most of my life I have enjoyed being outdoors, hiking, gardening, and doing landscape photography.  During the past few years I have had to restrict my activities because of frequent episodes of lightheadedness and passing out without warning.

I tried working with my local physicians but the conventional treatments did not produce results.  I then learned about Dr. Nemechek.  I was so impressed with what I read that I traveled to Arizona to meet with him.  And then I was even more impressed.

Not only was he personable and caring, he was determined to find out the cause of my problem and give me a solution.  He really listened to what I had to say and worked with me — and he never gave up.

Thanks to him, I am hiking again, taking trips to the ends of the earth, most recently to Iceland, and enjoying life again.

Thank you, Dr. Nemechek!

Tom –

Heart failure saved my life.  Not really but it brought me to Dr. Patrick Nemechek.

Being one of the stupid humans on the planet, the smartest thing I ever did was see Dr. Patrick.  After talking to him he told  me I have heart failure, but that he could reverse it. Then I got even smarter and did everything he told me to do to get my heart back working normal.

The day my heart was shutting my body down I weighed 235 lbs.   Seven months later I know weigh 175 lbs., and my daughter calls me the incredible shrinking man.

And now instead of walking 20 or 30 feet and getting tired and have to rest, I can go 3 miles on the treadmill with no problem.  I am 65 years old but I feel better then when I was in my 40’s.

Patrick and his wife Jean are always there to help me with any questions or needs I have.  I owe them both a lot so I am going to give them my first born even though she is 38 years old.

Thanks Patrick and Jean for giving me my life back.

Naima –

I took my son to him after he was diagnosed with ADD by another doctor. I was not sure about the other doctor’s assessment, so I decided to get a second opinion from Dr. Nemechek.

He took his time explaining to me what was going on with my son and prescribed a 9 day treatment plan. Since then my son’s attention span has greatly improved. I do have to say my son was also receiving vision therapy for a tracking disorder. So between both treatments my son is doing extremely well!

Johnny –

I have been seeing Dr. Nemechek for almost 7 months now. And by listening to him and following his protocol I am feeling much better than I did before I saw him.

He is working with me to get several conditions in check and I was skeptical at first but the proof is in the results.

He and his wife are two of the most awesome people I ever met and they are all about making you feel better and healthier. Can’t wait till the weight starts melting off in time after my organs get back on track.

Thank you Pat and Jean. And I highly recommend him.

I heard he works wonders with children who have ADD and ADHD and without drugs too!

Amanda –

With so many migraines I thought I had an aneurism or a brain tumor. My autonomic system was messed up.

When you fix that you fix the brain, in turn the brain fixes the body. It seems simple and complex all at the same time.

He’s a D.O. but he got tired of doctors only fixing symptoms and not the problem. He’s not a med pusher.

However, whatever he tells you to do, do it. You won’t regret it.

Karen –

This doctor has completely pinpointed what is going on with me if only I could get to see this doctor or talk with him I suffer with panic attacks terribly and I have for 11 years medicine doesn’t always help and the hospital wanted to send me to a psychiatric hospital now I know that’s not where I belong.

I’m a single mom of four with a loving mom have a wonderful personality good person all in all and is underlying panic attacks and anxiety just stops me dead in my tracks.

I finally went to go see Dr. Nemechek (people call him Dr. Buckeye) and he has pinpointed exactly everything that is wrong. He was able to also pinpoint what might be wrong with my children just from talking with me.

I’m probably going to nip that in the bud before they get older.  Dr. Buckeye, thank you so much and I’ll see you next month.

Anybody that’s questioning whether Dr. Buckeye can help you, if anything he says that you read sounds like you, please go, it’s worth the money.  It’s not that expensive when it comes to your house and this doctor is unbelievable.

You need to go see him I took the leap and I am so happy I did

Russell –

I’ve been seeing Dr. Nemechek for almost a year and have experienced a huge improvement in my health following his advice.

I would recommend him to anyone who is truly ready to change their health for the better.

David – 

My tortured soul now makes sense.

Kathy –

I am living proof that stem cell regeneration, stimulating the bodies natural defense mechanisms and rebalancing the intestinal tract and nervous system, can reverse many disease processes and put inflammation into remission!!

I was roughly six months away from being sick enough to being put on the heart transplant list. Dr. Nemechek stepped in, and got to the core of why I was so sick, when my Heart and Lung doctor said there was nothing further they could do to stop the progression of my heart failure.

That was the fall of 2012.

I went from buying more life insurance and planning my own funeral, to front row at concerts!!! It’s not been easy, and I still work at it everyday, but this Doctor and his wife, saved my life!!!!

Food is medicine and I am learning we truly are what we eat!

Autumn –

I have only been seeing Dr. Nemechek for about 6 months and I can already see a drastic change.

I have several doctors, several medications and several different diagnosis including narcolepsy. This bothered me the most because I was napping almost every day and I had little energy to do anything. My son always asked why I was so tired all the time.

Now I take my son to soccer 3 times a week, I am walking every morning, and best of all I am not napping every day. My energy level is so much better and everyone notices something is different.

I have already recommended Dr. Nemechek to 3 people because I strongly believe he can help everyone suffering from debilitating medical problems one way or another.

Dr. Nemechek and his wife Jean are just wonderful and I am hopeful that I will continue to get better with their care!    Thank you!

Bill –

Dr. Patrick Nemechek was first my wife’s choice, and now I understand why.

Every visit with Dr. Nemechek is scheduled to accommodate our busy schedules and we are thrilled to have this fabulous physician on our family health team. His knowledge is quite commendable.

Clinical mediocrity would not be acceptable under his direction.

After living 49.7 years, and working eight years in medical centers, I would say that this gentleman is the cream of the crop.

I’ve trusted him with my wife and my life and I have received far more benefit than I could have ever expected elsewhere, let alone received.

Robert –

I have had chronic health problems for 19 years now, and it wasn’t until I found Dr. Nemecheck that I was able to find complete and total proper care.

I had an undiagnosed disease that I had suffered with for at least the last 2 years and he was able to find out what was wrong with me and begin to treat me at the first visit!

I would be dead by now if it were not for him, I am certain of that.

He is the ONLY doctor that I have ever had (and I have had a lot) that has treated me like a member of his family and not a number, he even gives his patients his phone number. He is always there for us when we need him. He is by far the single most knowledgeable doctor that I have ever been treated by.

If there is an award for care and compassion he should have it. I would recommend him to anyone for any problem. This man even took a call from me while waiting in an airport on his way to give a speech when I was ill.

He is a God send and there should be more like him!

Deanna – 

We moved to the valley almost two years ago and have found nothing but disappointment in medical care.

Dr. Nemechek is the first doctor we’ve seen here that I walked away completely satisfied that we received an honest and thoughtful diagnosis.

I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

Thank you Dr. Nemechek

Loryn –

Every since I can remember I have always had stomach issues. My parents say since I hit the ground I have always complained about my stomach. I can remember when I was younger I was constantly laying over a chair because pressure was the only relief I found for my aching stomach.

At 16, the problems got worse. I had absolutely no energy, varying digestive issues, chronic stomach pains, issues remembering things and issues focusing. I felt like a vegetable… Overall, I felt as though I could barely function.Every doctor I went to kept trying to tell me that medication was the answer.

For example, one doctor I visited wanted to put me an anti-depressants. For me this was out of the question, there was no way I was going to take anti-depressants or any medication for the rest of my life. I was 16 and no joke I felt like I was 89. I continued doctor hopping until a friend told me about Dr. Nemechek.

When I heard about him I thought, “why not what is one more doctor going to hurt?” Due to my prior experiences with doctors, after my first visit with Dr. Nemechek, I thought everything he said was just to good to be true. However, he completely proved me wrong. I am now 19 years old and I am happy to say I actually feel my age now.

I have energy that I never thought I would have and the stomach pains that I have battled since I was younger are gone.

I feel %100 better!! I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Nemechek, he has completely turned my health around and I can never thank him enough!

Morgan and Brenda (Mom and Daughter) –

My 21-year-old daughter was diagnosed with gastro-paresis (delayed gastric emptying) when she was 19.  This means the food in her stomach didn’t move into her intestines normally, it sat in her stomach for too long.  This caused her to vomit and be chronically nauseous all day, every day.

Over the next 3 years, she went to several doctors that would give her more and more nausea medicine to help control her symptoms.  She took 4 different medications several times a day and wasn’t making any improvements, but it stopped her vomiting for the most part.

Her last doctor (at a big hospital) finally told her that he didn’t know how to make her any better, but he could continue to treat the symptoms.

My daughter was active in junior high and high school and did competitive cheerleading for several years.  Since her illness started, she could only work a couple of hours a day and then had to rest or nap the remainder of the day so her stomach wouldn’t get shaken up.

Her stomach was swollen and she couldn’t sleep on her stomach or ride in a car unless I drove really carefully trying to avoid all sudden movements and bumps.  If I had to stop the car suddenly, she would be sick the rest of the day.  When we went shopping, she could walk for about 5 minutes before feeling nauseous and tired.  Then her day was over.

An attorney friend of mine and I were traveling for work and started talking about our families.  I shared with him how sick my daughter was and how many doctors she had seen but she wasn’t getting any better.

He mentioned he knew a fantastic doctor that thought outside the box and liked to help people with unusual diseases.  His name is Dr. Patrick Nemechek.  When I got home I talked to my daughter about Dr. Nemechek and wanted her to try him out.

To add insult to injury, she had been diagnosed with Lupus about a month earlier and she was trying to figure out what doctor to see that would know about gastro-paresis AND Lupus.  Well, she decided to try a rheumatoid arthritis doctor for the Lupus.  She put my daughter on medicine that guess what … causes nausea.

What a mess.  Thankfully, my daughter agreed to try Dr. Nemechek.  At that point, he couldn’t be any worse than any other doctors she had been seeing, and that was the attitude we both had.

THANK GOD we found Dr. Nemechek!!!  During the initial exam, Dr. Nemechek kept shaking his head yes and seemed to know all of her symptoms and wasn’t surprised by how it was affecting her life.  He ran some sort of test and when it was finished, he knew what was wrong!!!

The first round of medicine took away the swelling of her stomach and she could sleep on her stomach and ride in a car normally for the first time in three years!!!  Dr. Nemechek started her on a plan and my daughter has reduced the number of medicines to less than a third of what she was taking a year ago.

When Dr. Nemechek told us how the bacterial balances in your small and large intestine get off balance, it can cause a myriad of problems.  When he started to list all the problems people in our country are having, I noticed that I had a lot of the same symptoms.  It was not unusual for me to sleep for 24 – 48 hours at a stretch, I have stomach issues, PMS, and allergies.

I decided that I wanted to start seeing Dr. Nemechek to see if I could improve my sleeping problem.  That was the best decision I’ve ever made!! I no longer have the “need” to sleep all the time!

I can’t tell you how good it feels not to be sleeping and tired all the time.  I had always been told that I was just lazy and I needed to get up.  I no longer fall asleep before my head hits the pillow and I don’t feel like I’m functioning in a fog all day.

Like my daughter, I’m no longer taking five prescriptions a day.  I’m down to two prescriptions and hope to be off those in a couple of months.

I almost forgot a HUGE change, my eating.  I’ve been overweight for the last 20 years and I suffered from low-blood sugar symptoms like if I don’t eat, I get sick, vomit and have a serious headache. The other day, I forgot to eat dinner…FORGOT!!  I’ve never done that in my life!  No headache, nausea or vomiting!!!! I can’t wait to see what improves next!

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I appreciate what Dr. Nemechek has done for my family!!  I recommend him to anyone that will listen!  HE WILL MAKE YOU BETTER!!!


Definite fan of Dr. Nemechek

Charlene –

I was diagnosed with Anxiety in 2000. This was after several months of stomach issues, heart palpitations, dizziness and numbness in my body.

I tried taking prescription anti-anxiety pills which only made me feel emotionless and did not relieve me of my symptoms. I also purchased self-help books and cd’s to alleviate my problems.

My anxiety had become paralyzing and my stomach issues were so out of control that I could not drive in a car for any length of time without getting diarrhea or dry heaving. I have been living with this for the past 12 years.

In 2012 my husband went to Dr. Nemechek for a routine checkup and was impressed by him. I thought I would make an appointment with him to find out what all the hype was about.

I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of time he spent with me, asking questing, answering questions and explaining everything. He realized an imbalance of intestinal bacteria was causing my anxiety.  He treated this with special antibiotics and it has completely cured my anxiety and stomach issue.

I finally feel free! I wish everyone knew how simple of a fix this was.

Melissa –

For well over ten years, I haven’t “felt right”.  My health was in a downward spiral.  So much so, that I was writing my will at 42.

I didn’t understand, nor did any of my doctors, what the issue was.  I was diagnosed with all sorts of ailments, which in turn led me to a plenitude of prescriptions.  In good faith, I took everyone.  With the understanding that I would feel “better” after the prescription was taken as directed.

When the prescription didn’t help, or I wasn’t getting answers that made sense, I would move on to the next doctor.  My hope was that someone somewhere would give me a diagnosis which made sense.  My ten year path led me to the doorstep of Dr. Nemechek’s.

Hesitant to give him the benefit of the doubt, I started my story over.  Something was different, he didn’t order blood work, x-rays, ultra-sounds,… he just talked to me.  We talked about my childhood, about my parents, about my children, about my symptoms.  Weird, I thought, but he listened.  And here I am, some months later, driving to a follow-up with Dr. Nemechek, wondering why I am even going to the doctor.

I feel great, I feel amazing, I can’t believe it took 10 years and over a dozen doctors to finally find one that truly understands the human mind, body, and spirit.

So, with my whole heart and soul, thank you for giving me my life back.  Your alternative ways of practicing should be the normal, but until they catch on, my “sympathetics’” thank you.

Damage done is reversible, who would have thought?

Karen –

Choking back tears of JOY!!!  My heart is getting better!!

My Doctor Patrick M. Nemechek is AMAZING!!!!

He didn’t give up on me and got to the bottom of what was causing my heart failure. My heart damage is reversing itself!!!!

(He explains it so much better) but the bottom line is I AM GETTING BETTER!!!!

The heart doctors had pretty much told me I would just continue to get worse.    I had even bought more LIFE INSURANCE!!!

He. Never.Gave.Up.On.Me!!!!!

Vicki –

When asked for a few comments about her care by Dr. Nemechek, this patient wrote:

“Sure, I’ll write a testimonial. Anything in particular you had in mind? Or just the fact that I’ll be a corpse before I find another doctor?     Ha, of course, I would word that differently. It’s just that I like you for 2 different reasons.

The first is because you really care about all your patients, give them lots of time to talk, and you listen. That’s really rare. But secondly, you’re a really good diagnostician and you can solve problems that other doctors can’t.

I was telling your wife one time that your attitude is so amazing…because you’re still so enthused about practicing medicine, it’s like you’re still in medical school. By the time most doctors get to mid-career, they’re so blah about working in the field. It makes me happy to see you enjoy your job so much.

Every time I leave, you’re always greeting the next guy like he’s some kind of long lost friend. I’m not sure that sort of thing belongs in a testimonial, but it’s heart-warming.”


Dr. Nemechek has been the first doctor who has wanted to correct the problem rather than treat or disguise it.

His care and immediate response to each and every need has been exceptional.

I appreciate his ability to hear my health challenges and concerns, and address them specifically for me.

I highly recommend him to solve your medical problems.

George –

As a new resident of Verrado, we were delighted to discover the holistic approach to healthy living practiced by Dr. Nemechek.

In our case, we have a 12-year old special needs child who has benefited tremendously from Dr. Nemechek’s diagnosis and attention.  He has a terrific rapport with kids, and we support his thesis that if the body’s immune system is well, everything after that is possible.

We recommend his services very highly.

Frank –

I started seeing Dr. Nemechek about 6 months ago, after his evaluation he thought he could help me.

I have been in and out of the hospital since 2004 when I fell and damaged my right knee and after several operations decided to get a total knee replacement. During that operation several blood tests were conducted and my liver panel numbers were in bad shape. After trying to recover from the knee replacement and dealing with the recovery, I was told that my liver was failing and I would need to see a specialist . After consulting with the specialist I was told that I was suffering from NASH (a liver condition), which I was told is non-alcoholic liver failure that was linked to my diabetes. This was causing failure due to a fatty liver.

For 3 1/2 years I was on a waiting list and the last 14 months in the hospital. While waiting for a donor my kidneys failed and I was put on dialysis for about 6 months. I finally had a double transplant in 2007. During this period my diabetes was also getting worse and I started experiencing neuropathy (pain and numbness) in my feet and legs. This continued over the next 4 years getting worse and worse. Due to this numbness I fell several time breaking 4 fingers, my ankle,arm and and leg in 2012 I fell and broke my femur in half and twisted my artificial knee off the tip of the femur.

Needless to say I was in very rough shape for several years even spending time in a psych ward due to all the anti depression drugs and pain medications.

It was at this time I just happened to find out about Dr. Nemechek and his wife Jean. Just by luck he was right down the street and I thought I would give him a try. Little did I know it would change my life.

I was on 41 medications and full time in a wheel chair. After just several weeks I was feeling a difference in my health and outlook. He evaluated the causes of my problems rather than treat the symptoms, which is the problem I had for years. Every time I saw a new doctor I would get more medications until I reached a toxic level.

Dr. Buckeye (Dr. Nemechek’s nickname) has given me a new outlook on life and has me down to about 6 or 7 medications. I am now walking with a walker or cane and have started to enjoy my life with new hope and expectations. I am in the process of getting a new drivers license (hand controls) and a new vehicle to carry my scooter. I have regained an independent lifestyle and great new hope.

Thanks Dr. Nemechek

Scott –

“16 years ago it was my most fortunate encounter with Dr. Nemechek that TRULY saved my life.  Having just undergone a radical double thoracotomy, in an attempt to salvage my pneumonia ridden lungs.  Meeting Dr. Nemechek only 3 weeks later, lungs saved temporarily, with NO immune system, was a Blessing.

With 6 weeks he restored my health and was reconstituting my immune system.  I remember weighing 113lbs at my first meeting…6 weeks later I weighed 148lbs!!  I walked tall and proud into my clients offices after not being seen for 3 years.

Now, 16 years later, not to mention 16 years older … Dr. Patrick continues to keep my systems functioning despite only taking necessary medication and the natural aging process.

So when Dr. Nemechek writes his “mission” above take him serious … because Dr Pat IS truly a Blessing from God … a man who has saved countless numbers from certain doom … and through it all retains his humor and remains humble to his work!!  We are indeed the fortunate who entrust our well being to him!!!”

Mike –

“It took me 12 years to find a doctor like him for weight loss. He took the time and explained everything that I have been doing wrong when it came to my eating habits.

He developed a “plan” for me to implement and it has worked. I dropped 65 lbs in 7 months thanks to his guidance. I’m still loosing and I have so much energy for a 70 year old retired police officer.

I look better, feel better and have had to get a new wardrobe which I don’t mind. The best part…taking much less medicines and my heart problems have almost gone away.

Thanks for everything Dr. Nemechek…you are a life-saver.”

Barbara –

“I cannot say enough about how Dr. Nemechek’s advice has helped my husband.

Turning to a gluten free lifestyle has helped not only my husband’s celiac but also reversed his early onset dementia.

What a blessing.”

Andres –

“Hello Dr. N, I just wanted to share my success here, I am sincerely thankful for all your help throughout this year, as you know it has not been easy and I have gone through many hurdles with my health problems, gain weight and other symptoms.

I appreciate your advice so much, your patience and dedication, completely with no other interest at hand than helping me, and for that I will always be grateful.

I changed my life in a radical way, and i have never felt better before, you are truly a fantastic person.

Thanks for all your help!. I am not a slave of sugars anymore, and I have more control, all your suggestions paid out, thank you!!!”

Ace –

Hi Dr Nemechek,

Just a note to thank you for all you have done for me. Since I have been seeing you l feel so much better now.

My blood sugar is back too normal, my oxygen saturation in my blood has increased too 94 to 97% at rest, where it used too be in the high 80’s to low 90’s.

My pulmonary tests that l just had came out the best l have done in over 8 years. My overall health now is that l feel so much better, and l can now do a lot of thing’s that l haven’t been able to do in year’s.

Thanks again, your the best.