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Several years ago I began working in a busy general medical clinic and I was shocked to learn how sick, as a whole, we have all become.  It was startling to see children and adults who are not truly healthy despite having a long list of specialists and a cabinet full of medications.   I met people who had lost hope that they could ever be healthy again.

I knew I needed to do something to restore the health of my family, friends, and neighbors.  I went out and opened a small office where I do something truly unique.  I reverse disease.

I focus on repairing the physiological process that causes someone to be sick, and in doing so, I have figured out real solutions to fix many common ailments and chronic diseases.  I am not distracted by quick fixes and endless testing, and I have gotten back to the basics where I attack the disease process itself.

My approach differs from many physicians because I do not rely on pills or surgery to mask my patient’s symptoms or give them the false security of getting “normal” lab results.  All too often, important symptoms are covered-up with medications while the patient’s true underlying problems are never permanently fixed.

My strategy to maximize and maintain health is built on the cornerstones of the neurological, hormonal and immune systems.  One of my areas of expertise is the autonomic nervous system, because that is how your brain controls every major organ in your body as well as your immune system, metabolism and all hormone production.

Common symptoms like heartburn, headaches, and chronic hunger and fatigue are all signs of distress and damage to these systems.   I routinely see these conditions in children, and people need to know that these symptoms are the equivalent of a fire alarm going off inside their bodies.  They are the early signs of life altering diseases, and this is where my work truly begins.

I understand not only how the body is supposed to function but exactly how our life style and culture is making us sick.  I work to restore the body to equilibrium, thereby ending symptoms and optimizing health.

Your initial visit is 90 minutes long and allows us to fully explore your present condition.  Follow-up visits are 30-60 minutes in length and always with me, never with a nurse practitioner (NP) or physician assistant (PA).

It has taken me 25 years of research and experience in Internal Medicine to figure out why we are becoming sick with chronic health conditions that were uncommon only a hundred years ago.  I have learned how to structure comprehensive treatment plans for my patient’s renewed health.

I have developed unique treatment approaches that have improved the health of many patients even after they have been told they had no options.

Reversing disease has become my greatest accomplishment, and I am excited to share what I’ve discovered with you.

Hope to see you soon.